Itching to get back

I have had my sister and her husband with us since Friday and, although I loved having them visit, I can’t wait to get back into my studio. I was on a very big creative roll last week and I have a project sitting on my desk just calling my name….  🙂

Despite the creative disruption – we had a wonderful weekend. Of course we did a winery tour around the Hunter Valley and dropped into a few art and craft shops along the way. Then at home we debated over TV programs and laughed at each others choices. It was a great time and, yes, I was sad to wave them goodbye this morning as they headed off to Sydney for the week and then back home to Perth. We are hoping to get over there for Christmas but due to my husbands work we won’t know if we can until early December.

In case your are curious, the project sitting on my desk is an off-the-page project using the reverse of a canvas – which has become a very popular technique of late. Preparing the canvas “frame” took multiple layers of Gesso, paint, crackle medium and more paint but the end result is just what I was looking for. Now I am itching to get to the inside of the canvas…..

Anyway, watch this space, as I plan to hit my studio hard tonight…


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