Silly, silly me

Having spent as much time as possible over the last several weeks undertaking an on-line Soul Restoration class, I flicked through my handmade Journal last night only to find that I had glued one page – my Soul House – in upside down.  aaaahhhhhhh. I don’t believe it! There is no possible way to fix it without ruining something else as it is glued firmly to the back of another page. So it is just going to have to stay. Yes I give myself permission to allow this stuff-up to remain  LOL

I think the caption will have to reflect that my Soul House is upside down because at the time of completing the course my life was upside down.

Perhaps there was a devine hand at work here – you never know ….  ?????


4 thoughts on “Silly, silly me

  1. Yes SR1 was a definite eye opener. Well worth the effort. I have delved head long into SR2 and so far so good. The “Fun Pages” have been a bit of a challenge but I am getting there.

  2. As a fellow BGC sister, I can really relate to your post! I did not seal my pages and left them in my new craft space that got really humid with the rain a few weeks ago. My Soul House pages got stuck together!!!! I got them apart but it did change them up a little. For me I was really “stuck” in my life at the time I started SR1. Now that’s interesting you felt upside down and your house pages reflected that and I felt stuck and my house pages reflected that also…..SR1 definitely brought a lot out didn’t it?

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