Do I have a Zentangle Addiction?

My hubby and I had a date today. It has been a long time since we actually put aside time for ourselves and we decided a couple of weeks ago that we need to do just that. We need to have just him and me time no matter what it is so long as we enjoy it  …… So today we chose to have a date at the movies.

Given that we both enjoy action and Sci-Fi and that we really do  like our creature comforts, we chose the Gold Room at Reading Cinemas in Charlsetown and settled on  TRANSFORMERS 3D.  Apparently an absolutely mega 3D experience.

We last saw a 3D movie at Disneyland in 1996 in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” an early runner to the modern 3D movie franchise. At the time it was an amazing experience. It gave us an experienced in animation that we wouldn’t find in normal movies outside of Disneyland – until recently …

So seeing the movie shorts to the latest movies and given the major advances in 3D movie technology we put aside our preconceptions against 3D movies and decided that  Transformers was as good a movie as any other to be our modern day first… This block-buster movie promised to be a movie that outdid itself with the animation, robotics, action, mega destruction  and (apparently awesome) 3D graphics…. ….. ….. yes I say APPARENTLY…….because it would have been a great 3D experience EXCEPT

……… ……… I booked the wrong cinema.

Well in my defence NO ONE told me that there was a difference between Transformers and Transformers 3D in the movie listing.!!!!! Would you not assume that booking the most expensive and exclusive tickets at the cinema that you would not get 3D…???  Well check again. We did get Gold Room service but we did not see it in 3D – apparently you needed to book a different and another expensive movie experience. Just booking the Gold Room apparently doesn’t count.

But although I was disappointed I do digress from the point of my Zentangle Addiction blog post.!!!! ….By the middle of the movie I realised that I probably had another addiction I should be worried about – as though I don’t have enough art addictions to clog up my mind……. But here I am, half way through this huge action movie when I realise that not only do I have an addication to realy cute guys ( OMG – Josh Duhamel and Patrick Dempsey – just hold me back and be still my racing heart) but I have an addication to Zentangles. Throughout the fight and action scenes all  I keep seeing is patterns that I can make Zentalges from. So here I am, on a date with my husband, watching this really mega action movie AND I just keep seeing wonderful Zentangles….. OMG – where is my sketchbook…… where is my pen….. ???   Not only don’t I have my skectchbook but I have absolutely nothing to write with. I have to comit all these great Zentagles I am seeing to memory…..

If I learnt nothing from this experienced I have learnt that even in the pitch black of the movies, or the depth of night, you need to always be prepared to note thoughts and inspiration down…..   so from now on – I travel with a note pad and pen – even if I don’t have my purse – because my husband is paying for everything (as he should )     🙂    – I still need to carry a notebook and pen with me – just in case inspiration strikes – So I can record it ANYWAY!

OH – and yes we still had our date. Even with my “preocupation” with my Zentagle design wanting to get from my head to paper … I still had my date with my husband and we had our time. . . . . . .     I just encouraged him to go to bed early  🙂


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