I can do THAT!

For a long time now I have been wanting to delve back into drawing and painting. As a teenager I was really quite good at both (if I do say so myself). But now I am hopeless – well more to the point – I am so very out of practice that even my stick figures look like they may have come from another planet. So in the true Brave Girl spirit, I have started teaching myself to draw and paint again and am loving it.

Ever the curious one, I did an internet search on “art” and checked out some for sale on the internet. Having done that I have decided that my art isn’t at all that bad – considering some of the ones out there for sale. Seriously people… I know that art is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t want to cause offence – but I am now convinced that it is the creative title for some of this work that makes it worth so much.  In my wildest imagination I wouldn’t be able to come up with some of the titles given to this artwork.

So now I have told myself – I CAN DO THAT. After all – I am sure I can put some swirls on a canvas and give it a title of some sort…. can’t I????

Well to prove it to myself I am going to go home and drag out a canvas I know is hiding in the back of the cupboard somewhere, and come up with my own piece of “art”. Watch this space….. (and wish me luck)   🙂


One thought on “I can do THAT!

  1. Good luck!!!!!! Did you know that Dr. Seuss couldn’t draw? He tried to make realistic illustrations but they looked a bit wonky. Turned out that it worked better with his stories than anything “realistic”. Dr. Seuss found his style and so will you!

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