It’s Over!

When I was introduced to you I knew then that I had to have you. You came into my life easily and full of promises, and you held it all together for a while. I relied on you, I trusted you. We had so much fun together. I looked forward, each day, to the time we would spend together in our own little world. A time that would be spent in frantic motion.

But then, it all came crashing down. In one instant you destroyed what we had created. It was your clinginess that caused me to rip apart something I held so dear. I can never trust you again now that you have done that. No longer will you be the first thing I turn to when I get home each day. So it is now that I say goodbye – Goodbye my dear Mod Podge….

You have irretrievably stuck together pages in my book for the last time. From now on you will not be on top of any project – you will be relegated to “just a glue”. So take that Mod Podge – you are not the wonderful, top coat you portray yourself to be. In my eyes you are now simply GLUE (I hope that hurt!)


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