Sooooooo very long ago

I had a blog that I was posting to regularly – well as regular as I could….. but it has gone neglected for OH so many reasons that I really won’t go into now.

BUT the good news is that I am BACK! I now have time to devote to me and my artistic outlet. Right now there are no dark clouds hanging over me; I have a paying job that doesn’t require me to work 20 hours a day; I have a well laid out art/craft/sewing area that allows me to work on what I want when I want; and I have a husband that is pushing me to have a good balance between work and “my” life that I feel I need. God love my husband…..he is not only my life and my inspiration but he supports and encourages me in EVERYTHING I do.

So now that I am working and getting paid it allows us both to pursue our passions. So expect more from me in the artistic area which I promise to post to my blog.

I invite you to check back often and join with me in my (our) search of the creative person within. I sincerely hope that my humble posts inspire you to develop and become the sensational creative person you have hidden inside you (because I know we all have it hidden within us – in my case it is way DEEP within me)  🙂

Love and hugs




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