Finally – a bit of normality

I can’t believe it has been so long since I was on my blog. …..

But – I can believe how much has happened in such a short period of time…..

  • I made the decision to quit my job that really was creating more miserable times than fulfilling times.
  • I spent some time getting back to the “real me” – not sure if I am there yet as there are still some things that upset me without any warning – BUT I am working on it….
  • I accepted a new job oportunity (after a few months of R&R) with new people and new challenges – and I am loving it!
  • We moved town to accommodate our job choices – OMG, sorting through stuff you don’t want to keep, packing what you want… all those other moving decisions….. what a stressful time….
  • I have made an effort to concentrate on getting my everyday life and emotions in order.
  • After a health scare – I am working on rectifying what I can with my health – the rest is in the hands of the powers that be and I have had to accept that. (a BIG problem)

So – in a very short summary that is my life of late.

On a really good side – I have a very small group of ladies coming to my place at the end of next week to have a scrapping night. I am so looking forward to it as I haven’t had a decent scrapping night in months….. check back for an update on this event – guaranteed to be interesting….


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