A venture into the new….

Many many years ago I remember I was into designing clothes – as I guess most teenage girls did back then. I would spend hours bent over a sketchbook with a hundred different pens and pencils. I would draw away for hours until I had THE PERFECT designer dress or the most gorgeous, intricately embroidered jacket….. There must have been hundreds of exotic designer dresses and fabulous outfits contained in the pages of those books… Oh I wish I still had them.

I remember my Dad giving my lots of helpful advice and encouragement. He loved to draw as well – and he was much more talented than I ever will be. One day he came home with 2 art books for me. One was on drawing bodies and the other faces…. Another couple of books I wish I had kept…. Anyway, the one on bodies I mastered in no time – but faces – well lets just say that after many attempts my “models” remained faceless, despite my Dad encouraging me to keep trying.

I never did follow the dress designer dream but I have always had the same deep passion as Dad for drawing and all forms of art. I have always had the need to create and to be creative.

Well Dad, here you go – I am trying again. She isn’t perfect and I certainly have a long way to go but I am happy with her.

Sometimes, when I am about to give up on the eyes, or the mouth just doesn’t feel right, I can hear his voice saying “now come on Vicky, have another go. How about……..”. I miss him and I miss his kind words and wonderful heart. But I know that he is here with me helping to guide my hand.  Thanks Dad!

And thank you for visiting.




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