Trial and Error … or is that Error and Trial????

I debated with myself over the title of this post…… But basically it came down to trying and failing and then making it work. The first one was a disaster as the pen I used wasn’t waterproof and bled terribly when I started to colour it. The second one – well I double checked the pens I used before I started to make sure they were waterproof  🙂


I have always had a passion for lettering. My Dad gave me that. He was a Master Printer back in the days when they (being anything that was mass published) had to individually set every letter and every graffic plate. Any “artwork” back then had to be hand drawn and converted …… My Dads skills in this area always amazed me. I still have a piece of his art hanging above my computer that I look at every day.

I remember I was taking a ceramics course at the time and Dad just wanted to create a framed plate. He wasn’t interested in cleaning the greenware or anything else – I had to do that 🙂  He just wanted to make a piece for me in the medium I was interested in at the time. In the end my Dad hated this piece (perspective was wrong, the windows aren’t straight…. blah blah blah) but I love it as it was one of the last things he did before he passed away. He described to me what he was trying to replicate – a scene from his childhood – but he wasn’t happy with the proportions or the end result. Yes the proportions aren’t accurate – but it was HIS piece of art and I love it. It is my inspiration every day. It sits right above my computer screen. Every time we move house (and we move quite often) it is wrapped in a zillion layers of bubble wrap. It is a prized possession of mine.

But even thought it is burnt into my brain I still look at it just above my computer screen every day and hope that I could be so talented. This one piece reminds me of my Dad’s lifetime of artwork. I so wish we had kept all of his artistic creations. …

Given all the regrets of the many lost pieces of Dads ‘art’ I am still so very thankfull for his influence on my creative life. Without my Dad I probably wouldn’t be so willing to try all things unknown and new. …..Love you Dad and thankyou for encouraging a creative me.. xoxoxoxoo


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