The Tommorow Series

What an amazing Australian series of books. Written by John Marsden and detailing something that many of us Aussies think and worry about… Yes we have such a HUGE country and in the grand scheme of things we do have a small population. However, things like a lack of fresh water on our Continent does mean that supporting a huge influx of people would be straining things…. now in no way do I don’t want to get into a humanitarian or political debate OR offend anyone here. My preamble is just a lead into my thoughts on the latest book I am reading in this series.

I am currently reading “Darkness, Be My Friend (Tomorrow, # 4) and my post on Goodreads reads:

I have to admit that most Australian based novels don’t really interest me. However, this series by John Marsden is superb. Even the movie (based on the first book in the series) was RIVETING.

So, I am not scared to admit that having to go to work and having to sleep really does interupt my reading time with this series. But especially book 4. I just can’t put this one down and everything else is just getting in the way – including eating. I started this book on Saturday and although I had an amazingly busy weekend I am already 85% through it. I will probably finish it tonight……

But if I fall asleep due to lack of sleep – maybe a sickie tomorrow is in order LOL


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