Travel Plans – and a new journal

So excited to be planning our next holiday away. It won’t be until Christmas this year but it will take me that long to get it all organised. Why so long? Well I just love researching and planning it all myself. The last time I left it in the hand of a travel agent they went broke on us and we didn’t know if we would actually be going until 2 days before our planned departure…. so now it is me that does all the organising AND I LOVE IT!

Which brings me to what is on the planning table at this moment. My Travel Journal. I always make my journal before I leave so that when I get back I have a completed “scrapbook” ready to show everyone our adventures. So if you are interested in reading about my journal planning, creation, previous journals and what I pack to take with me to create them then please pop back in a couple of weeks for the first installment.

Thanks for visiting – I know it has been quite a while since I posted.




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