Fantastic Female Figure Drawing Class

I am currently participating in the amazing Jane Davenport class “Supplies Me”. At first I didn’t think I needed to do the Supplies Me class as I already know a LOT about the supplies I have. Having owned 2 craft/art shops and since I have been drawing since a very early age – I thought this “introductory” class wasn’t for me. Well was I WRONG. After attempting Jane’s “I Heart Drawing” and “Joynal” classes I felt like I was still missing something. So to give Jane the benefit of the doubt – I signed up for her “Supplies Me” class. OMG I knew Jane was an inspirational lady but now I also know that she is an AMAZING lady and teacher. The Supplies Me class is the missing link. My first page of faces even amazed me. I was so pleased with them that I can’t wait to progress through the course and get onto the other 2 that I have signed up for.

If you are looking for a series of classes that will make you feel confident in your art AND confident in your face and body drawing expertise then I can HIGHLY recommend Janes’ series of workshops. But do yourself a favour…. start with Supplies Me no matter who experience you are.

Here is my very first page of faces….




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