My first backs and bottoms drawing

Following on from my Supplies Me course, I attempted backs and bottoms (butts, derriere, etc).

So here we go – my “practice mixed media page”. After my first drawing (on the left) – which was just OK – I wanted my second one to have a really well shaped derrière.

So at this point my vision was to have a young woman sitting looking at a sunset. I started with the bottom and coloured her in. How she ended up in an evening type gown I really don’t know……the muse just guided me I think.

Then I noticed she had a slight “cock” to her head so I though that she might be looking at something in the distance. So I painted a boat. OK  before you say anything AND for the record – I am never drawing a boat again. I really do suck at that. LOL   So to distract the eye from the really crappy boat I added the setting sun. And – voila – here we have the end result.

DSCN2100 - web

I also need to remind myself that it is my first attempt at hair in a bun. I have to admit that I am happy with it. What do you think????

My homework assignment is a mixed media page incorporating all we have learnt in this first week. I am still not sure if mine will be a mermaid on a rock or a fairy on a mushroom – I love them both…. I think I will have to wait and see what the muse dictates tomorrow…..

Thanks for visiting.




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