Mixed Media Red Riding Hood Page

I am subscribed to some of the most amazingly creative group of women I have ever come across. One of them is Julie Fie-Fan Balzer. This woman is an inspiration machine. Added to that inspiration is the artmologist Jane Davenport whose online workshops I am working through right now. So my latest assignment from Jane is to create a mixed media page as follows:

“I want you to pull together whatever you like from the last two weeks to create a sumptuous Journal page… faces, backs, bottoms and texture. And when the words come to you, add those too.” from the Supplies Me online workshop.

Well I arrived at this assignment at the same time I received a blog post from Julie. The bells went off and the Muse started singing. My mermaid page I had been working on (that wasn’t really working) for my mixed media assignment got (mostly) gesso-ed out and suddenly transformed.  It really sang to me.

I used so many of my supplies to create this:

Stamps using watercolour and acrylic paints, ink pads (both permanent and water soluble), Sprays, Stewart Gill paints, Smooch, Charcoal, old phone books,….. Prismacolors…… and lots of other media that I have but don’t really know what they are.

Anyway, here is the result…..



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