My Mermaid Drawing Inspiration

I am so utterly pleased with my latest mermaid drawing (to be revealed in my next post).

In a Jane Davenport class I am taking (Supplies Me) She posed the statement “There once was a girl….” as a drawing challenge. Well that statement has inspired this mermaid drawing…..

I am so exceptionally pleased with this drawing for so many reasons…… The first one is that it is ALL from my imagination, and all drawn by ME!! WOO HOOO <please excuse me whilst I blow my own horn and celebrate with a glass of wine>

OK – why is this such a great moment for me….????? Well we need to go back quite a number of years. In fact back to when I was in Primary school.

I was a very ill child. I spent a lot of time at home doing what is now called “home schooling”. My Mum and Dad were amazing and helped me through my childhood illnesses to a point where I was not disadvantaged by my “sick days” and managed to keep up with everyone else. (actually in one year I had well over half the school day attendances marked as absent)!!! Given my high absentee ratio I should have felt disadvantaged – but due to my Mom’s diligence and my Dad’s support it never actually occurred to me that I should be deemed as disadvantaged.

I soon learnt that my Mum and Dad had their own areas of expertise and that helped me keep up with my education. I have to say my Mum and Dad were amazing people to be able to lead me through the early teenage years of education when I was too ill to go to school.

Having made it through the formal part of the education system, one of the surprising things found was that not only could I count on my Dad to help me work out my Maths homework (algebra) but he was also the one that inspired my art “dabbling’s” and has continued to do so all throughout my life. Hell not only was my Dad a mathematician but he was an amazingly talented artist that was as happy drawing the human body as he was a building something.

In writing this blog post I am starting to recall all the paintings he created beside me as I did the “Paint by numbers” thing…..    I wish I still had those paintings – they were painted not just by numbers but also with input from my Dad….. I can visualise one of them now….but before now I had totally forgotten my art…. my ability……and the confidence my Dad actually gave to me by way of his encouragement and tutoring.

It has only been in my very recent venture into art (the last 4 weeks) that I have recalled me Dads influence on my fashion design drawing. Only the other day I reremembered a book he bought me on drawing “female fashion art” and another one that covered eyes (but probably more). It was back in the 70s when he gave them to me…… I can remember a few of the illustrations but not the title or much else about them. BUT I do remember spending hours studying the drawings and trying to replicate them. How I wished I had kept these publications because for a while now I have wanted to refer to those illustrations for inspiration. I have searched the internet for the soft covered books (very large format from memory) but haven’t been able to find them.

So here we are at the end of my blog post. I feel it has been disjointed – but then my thought process for this piece of art and my thought process as the result of it HAVE been very disjointed.


Totally Mermaid ?????????? ??????????


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