Stencil Making Attempt # 1

After finding THE perfect stencil online – and then seeing the exorbitant price they wanted for it, I have had the bright idea to try and make my own stencils. I already have a stash of plastic binding covers so then all I needed was something to cut out the designs with. I didn’t like the idea of using a craft knife as it would take waaaaaay to long. I needed a simpler and faster way to do it. My brain started whirring …….. ah – plastic melts when heated. I wonder if there is a heated knife type thing that I could use? Off to the local hardware store after work I went…..

I found a heat tool that has attachments that look like knives and other wider gouging thingy’s. It looked like it just might do the job. And as it wasn’t all that expensive I didn’t mind paying the price. If it is a complete failure I will just put it in the shed with all of my husbands other tools that he doesn’t use – he won’t notice at all!

So now I am about to embark on the fun part of things – creating my design and then cutting it out – well at least I hope the cutting out part is fun. If it doesn’t work then I can see that it won’t really be fun at all.

Wish me luck.




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