Stencil Making – Lessons Learnt from Attempt Number 1

Lesson Number 1: DO NOT attempt to cut (melt) plastic with a hot implement inside the house. Not only does the house stink for the rest of the day but the fumes probably aren’t good for your health!

Lesson Number 2: The heat that you need to effectively cut out your pattern without leaving “burrs” is very close to the heat where the whole thing burns and becomes a yucky black mess.

Lesson Number 3: DO NOT attempt to cut the plastic inside – the fumes give you a REALLY bad headache….. OK – the same as Lesson Number 1 – but it really is worth noting     LOL

Second attempt at creating my own stencils will happen this weekend – and it will occur outside where the fumes won’t be quite so bad 🙂

So check back soon to see how the second stage of this experiment plays out.


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