King Neptune and his Love….

After a week of procrastination I dove into creating a page that had been stewing in the back of my mind for the past week. I am unsure if this is finished yet but I think it needs to sit a while before I do anymore..

I am not happy with King Neptune’s face – I redrew it and gessoed it out a dozen times so it will just have to stay as it is.

I used a HEAP of mediums and techniques to create this page. The background was created using Neocolor II’s – in LOVE with them right now. Watercolour and Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers, Copics, Acrylic dabber paints, Gesso (clear and white) and Matt Medium. Techniques used included a tissue transfer technique that I learnt in an online class with Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. I also hand-carved my own fish stamps as I needed to create the fish “shadows” but didn’t want to hand paint each and everyone of them.

The mermaid and Neptune are both my original art pieces – and since it is the very first time I have painted a male I am very happy with him (except the face – really need to work on male faces).

The sea life at the bottom is a mixture of my drawings and some clipart images.

Well that is about it…. what do you think?

King Neptune

Thanks for dropping by.




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