An amazing day and storm

I have had a fantastic day. More of which I will post about later. But what I need to tell you all right now is the storm I am sitting in the middle of. I haven’t had a real chance yet to post about our move and the fantastic house we bought. ….. but let me say we are now living in Tamborine Mountain and right now – yes this very second – I am sitting out on our deck up amongst the storm clouds.

Yes – I am actually sitting outside in a storm cloud. I can’t see anything past about 2 metres away – it is all white. That is the cloud that is surrounding my house. And accompanying that cloud is a huge bank of storm clouds. They have been rolling past for about the last 30 minutes. There has been thunder and lightening – both of which have had my furry babies running to see who can get on Mums knee first 😉

However, I decided that since the wind and rain were coming from the West and my deck faces East – I would go and sit out on the deck and just sit amongst the clouds in the most amazing thunder storm I have been in since I lived in the Pilbara over 13 years ago. My furry babies ???? Well they are inside hiding LOL

I would love to have taken photo’s of my surroundings to show you what I am experiencing but I don’t think that even a professional photographer could do it justice.

I see the lightening and hear the thunder but I think that since the lightening isn’t striking ground right here it isn’t a clap and bang – it actually feels much calmer. And even though for a while there they were quite on top of each other it as, and still is, really quite gentle. No huge loud claps – although we did have one loud clap earlier but that was before the clouds came over and before the lightening storm cloud enveloped the house.

Now that I have re-read my post, I don’t think I have given this experience the justice it deserves. I suppose you just have to be there.

But I have to say – life in the Mountains is one amazing experience after another.

Thanks for dropping by


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