A Beautiful but Deadly Visitor

I was going through my photo’s and came across these from about a year ago. This “little” guy (3+ metres) came for a leisurely stroll through our backyard. Little did we know that he had deadly intentions.

After checking out the lower deck and the dog beds, he slithered up the side driveway and then up one of our massive trees. Watching him climb was fascinating. He gracefully slid up the tree holding on with just the last metre of his tail. The rest of him just moved upwards. What strength they must have in their bodies.

The reason for his tree climb – the family of possums that lived up there. We didn’t see the snake again – but we did find 2 baby possums dead on the ground over the next couple of days. He must have gone up there and taken the mother leaving the babies to perish. Very sad – but that is Mother Nature at work….

I wonder how big he is now and if he will pay us another visit before hibernating this winter????

web 2F1A3098 web 2F1A3099 web 2F1A3100 web 2F1A3101 web 2F1A3107 web 2F1A3109 web 2F1A3121


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