About Me


My name is Vicky Tailor and I love to create. Amongst my passions are embroidery, patchwork, lace making – including bobbin lace, scrapbooking, mixed media art and all kinds of paper craft.

I am an avid amateur photographer who loves nothing better than whipping out the camera at every occassion. Actually I started scrapbooking so I could find something to do with all the photos I kept taking.  🙂  I am fortunate enough to have two grandchildren – Noah and Scarlette – who don’t mind posing for the camera, most of the time. Even my puppy has taken to posing as soon as he sees me holding the camera to my face.

My wonderful husband Rob, fortunately, puts up with my many creative whims. Apparently I have a certain look that I get when I just have to create something – he see it even before I realise it and quite often announces “You’re off to your room aren’t you!” which them prompts me into action  🙂

Anyway, this blog is for me. I hope to showcase my latest creative indulgences whilst also passing on (hopefully) some inspiration to others.

Thanks for dropping by