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31 March 2013Day Dreaming

23 January 2012Another entry into my BoD. This time about someone who is causing pain to my family and aptly titled “The Witch”.

21 January 2012Some more work completed this week in my BoD.

15 January 2012I completed a great mosaic page in my BoD today. I was really happy with the finished piece. After prepping the pages I covered with a layer of paint and then journaled. What I put on the page were quite raw emotions and feelings that have been waying heavy on me for a while now. I then covered these with the mosaic, printed tissue papers, etc. I am really happy with the finished product.

31 December 2011.I have managed to do one page in my Art Journal during our break since Christmas thanks to a course I am doing by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer called “30 Days in Your Journal“. I have always admired her work and am so pleased I am able to participate in this online course.

And some close ups…

1 August 2011.

14 July 2011. I decided I needed a jouranl to carry with me so I fished out a small journal that I made some time ago. Here is the cover and a couple of the pages. I plan to have pages prepared ready to journal in so I can journal whenever and wherever I am….

2 July 2011. My finished “Mission Statement” page. Lots of butterflies as I felt I had wings when doing this journal entry.

29 June 2011. Several pages accomplished this week.

21 June 2011. A page from my SR1 Art Journal – She Did it Anyway…

14 June 2011. Some pages from my SR1 Art Journal – a very personal and soul searching journal.

2 April 2011. I haven’t had a lot of spare time this month but I have managed to complete one page and start working on another. So really, I am pleased with what I have done. The first page is called “Communication” and was created to help me come to terms with a situation within our family. Each element on the page (even the “grunge”) has a meaning behind it that I have recorded on the back of the page.

My second art journal page is still a work in progress. it is no where near complete but I have come to a grinding halt with it as I am unsure what to do next. I am sure it will come to me in time….I love the colours and shimmer that is on the page (Smooch Spritz). I think the title will end up something like “the soul has wings”…. let me know what you think.

5 Feb 2011. This page has taken me all week. It has been inspired by a tutorial posted by Suzan Buckner at Her tutorials area fantastic and really helped me try my first really “artsy – don’t think about it – do it” page.

Didn’t have a lot of time to art journal this week due to being out on site and working 10+ hour days. However, I did squeeze in a couple of sessions in my art journal and here is what I managed to accomplish.First pic is my very first attempt at trying to draw a dragons head. Not great compared to others but I was pleased with the result…

My second completed page is this…. I used chalks for the background. It was just an expreriment in layering and blending colours. Then I decided to draw a tree. Because of the colours of the background I decided to paint the tree with a moonlight type effect. What do you think?

Many years ago (in a galaxy far, far away….) I used to be quite good at drawing and painting but have to admit that right now my efforts really “suck”. I am SO very much out of practice. So now that I have joined the quest of creating an art journal I thought that on my second page I needed to practice drawing some basic cartoons in preparation for getting into some serious drawing… There isn’t a lot of “creative art” as per other Art Journal pages but here is my attempt to get me back onto the path of being able to draw and paint…..

My first Art Journal Page which was inspired by a page on the blog created for just this purpose by Julie Fie-Fan Balzer a. I “scrap lifted” the circle and border ideas from one of her journal pages – thanks Julie for the inspiration. I then added feathers, a photo and journalling about my wonderful sisters. I challenged myself to use two colours that I don’t normally use in my scrapbooking or other crafts – yellow and green. Although not the most “artful” page – I am not displeased with it. At least I have started to overcome my fear of the “art journal” that has been holding me back for several years now.  🙂

Please excuse the quality of the photos – they were taken late at night and the light really was bad – Sorry!

First Page Title

Left & Right Pages


10 thoughts on “Art Journal

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  4. Beautiful journal. I have been really having trouble with art journaling. I am going to look at Susan’s tutorial you posted. Maybe that will help. Thanks for the link!

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