Photo Gallery

Here are some of the photos I have taken that make it to MY favourite photos list…

Going through some photos from our 2012/2013 holiday and came across these….   This family of dear came to visit us on our last evening of our stay at Moosehead Lake, Maine, USA (Jan 2013)

2F1A2250 - Copy (2)







2F1A2239 - Copy (2)







2F1A2249 - Copy (2)








Wedding Photography

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11 January 2013 – Dog Sledding @ Moosehead Lake, Maine, USA

Dog sledding – not as easy as it looks…..

DSCN2049 - Copy - web

Playing with the puppies  – well actually our team that did such a great job.

Musher RobMy hero! Musher Rob. He was such a champion and saved me from so many snow drifts – AFTER he had managed to “throw” me into them.  LOL

2012-2013 – Our Christmas Holiday in New York, Washington DC & Moosehead Lake (northern Maine)


Rob trying to stay warm on a freezing Staten Island Ferry Ride


The view from our log cabin back door of Spencer Mountain



Yes I took these photos. Courtesy of being able to be up-close-and-personal at Vancouver Aquarium and Zoo.

Just love the snake – he was so happy to be sitting there getting all of the photo attention….

2 male Killer Whales seen whilst sea kayaking off British Columbia


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