2015 – Postcard Swap

After finishing an online course with Jane Davenport & Teesha Moore (Mermaid Circus) a group of 12 of us from Australia and USA, continued on with a journal swap. We realised as we got to the end of the year long swap that we didn’t want it to end so have embarked on another journey by way of a postcard swap. Each month we have a different theme and seeing how everyone interprets their theme is inspiring. As is watching how everyone’s style is evolving and growing. It is very easy to see that we all have our own style and now I can identify who has done which piece before I even look at the name. I love this group of ladies.

This is my January postcard. The theme was “Turquoise”


Supplies used:    Derwent Inktense pencils, Dylusions ink, Gelatos, Masking Fluid, Prismacolor pencils, Acrylic paints

The theme for February was either “Words” or “Go Wild” – I combined them both. I used a page from an old book for the background and then went wild with doodling and colour in the form of an elephant. I loved the end result.

Words & Go Wild

Supplies used:   Adirondak Daubers, Peerless Paints, Sharpie, Inktense Blocks, Page from old dictionary


I haven’t posted in a while….

Well I have been very busy…. sorry…… Life just gets in the way sometimes. I just thought I would post some of the things I have been working on lately. They are all part of a journal swap I am part of. Sad to say but I haven’t had time for anything else.

2F1A2782 - Copy

2F1A2862 - Copy


Each journal has its own theme so these are all done to fit in with each one.

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The Monarch of the Sea

The Monarch of the Sea

…and here is the finished piece.


Her “followers” were copied, reduced then collaged onto the page from this larger piece that I painted just to add to this layout….

Monarch Fish

I had posted a version of this fish earlier – but the tail wasn’t working for me so I changed it. You can see the original version in this post.

Lessons Learnt and Other Information:

In the first “cut” of this piece I printed various sizes of the Monarch Fish onto tissue paper and collaged them onto the page using Liquitex Matte Medium. However, since I had used Distress Stains for the background I found that even though the edges of the tissue paper were torn and soft** the colour drew to the edges and made a “hard” edge around the tissue paper and fishes. Not a very desirable result. So I decided to gesso over the entire background and start again.

I decided to repaint the background with a mix of Liquitex Fluid Acrylic and Distress Paints as they were the supplies I had with the colours I needed. I placed a small amount of each colour onto my palette and used a stippling brush with a little of each colour to repaint the background. As the paints used are both acrylic based I knew they wouldn’t react and pool in the same manner as the stains did. BUT just to be sure I printed the Monarch Fish in varying sizes onto copy paper using my laser printer.

I then fussy cut out each fish. They were then adhered to the page using Liquitex Matte Medium.

The last thing added was the lettering. As there were so many different mediums on the page I used an alcohol based marker – in this instance it was a Prismacolor Premier marker.

** to easily “cut out” images on tissue paper use a thin paintbrush dipped in water to create an outline. Leave for a few seconds then gently “tear” along the waterline. This creates a SOFT edge that is easily blended into a collaged piece.

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The Muse Returns

The Muse Returns

My muse has been absent over the last 5-6 weeks. I know why she hasn’t been here; After all – you can’t loose your sister without something having to give.  However, convincing her to return has been difficult. But I am not going to dwell on that here as I have done so in my personal hand written journals. What I am going to post about here is the return of my Muse.

I had a couple of good friends over for a girlies art night on Friday. It was a great night with lots of talking, laughter, food and a few wines. The loving, relaxed and creative atmosphere was just what my muse was looking for and she has returned with a vengeance. Woo HOO.

And this is what she sent me……


Butterfly Mermaid

The mermaid was already drawn and the tail painted. It is one created in a mermaid shaped journal made during the online class “Mermaid Circus”. The balance of her was painted on Friday night. Then yesterday I decided she needed a friend. That is when the Butterfly Fish evolved. Neither are finished yet but I love how they are evolving.

Supplies Used:

  • Prismacolor Pencils
  • Peerless Paints
  • Inktense pencils
  • White Sharpie
  • Black Prisma Premier pen
  • Distress Stains

After the fish is complete I will scan it, reduce the size (significantly as it is A4 size at present) and collage it onto the Mermaid page. I will post the finished piece once done.

If you are looking for supplies you can try The Institute of Cute  (an Australian online shop with the best of mixed media/journalling supplies).

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King Neptune and his Love….

After a week of procrastination I dove into creating a page that had been stewing in the back of my mind for the past week. I am unsure if this is finished yet but I think it needs to sit a while before I do anymore..

I am not happy with King Neptune’s face – I redrew it and gessoed it out a dozen times so it will just have to stay as it is.

I used a HEAP of mediums and techniques to create this page. The background was created using Neocolor II’s – in LOVE with them right now. Watercolour and Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers, Copics, Acrylic dabber paints, Gesso (clear and white) and Matt Medium. Techniques used included a tissue transfer technique that I learnt in an online class with Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. I also hand-carved my own fish stamps as I needed to create the fish “shadows” but didn’t want to hand paint each and everyone of them.

The mermaid and Neptune are both my original art pieces – and since it is the very first time I have painted a male I am very happy with him (except the face – really need to work on male faces).

The sea life at the bottom is a mixture of my drawings and some clipart images.

Well that is about it…. what do you think?

King Neptune

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Arting by the River

I took my art supplies and my two dogs down to the river today and spent a couple of hours arting. It was so relaxing that I can’t wait to do it again.

Here are a couple of pictures of the river here in my town.

Cudgegong River, Mudgee      IMG_0351 - Copy

and my boys…..

Corby (left) and Riley

Whilst I was there a Rivermaid came to visit. She just popped out of my pencils…..
I scanned some beautiful Autumn leaves I found for the tail, hair and bikini top.

River Mermaid

I am not sure if she is finished yet – but she is for today.

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Mermaid Circus

This page was created using watercolours, collaged elements and Prismacolor pencils.

Mermaid CircusThe scuba diver peering down from the top is a photo of my son taken during his Shark Dive at Bondi. The mermaid is a copy of one I created previously – I liked her so much I just had to use her again.

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