New photo’s uploaded

I was doing a bit of a clean out of my photo files and came across some of the beautiful family of deer that came to visit us during our 2012/2013 holiday to USA. It was the last night at our cabin on the frozen lake at Moosehead, Maine. I just happened to be looking out the front window when down the driveway walk a family of about 5 deer. So I grabbed my camera and quietly headed outside. They were so trusting and came up very close – not trusting enough to be hand fed but close enough. You can see the photo’s on my Photo Gallery page.


Wedding Photos

Recently I had the privilege of being asked to be the photographer at a friends wedding. Not only did we have an amazingly fun day but I found that I really enjoyed taking wedding photos. Here are some that I took – unedited versions. Let me know what you think.


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A New Backyard Visitor

About a week ago we started receiving visits from this gorgeous juvenile Budgie. He (or is it she?) continues to visit twice each day. He still has the tiny facial feathers that baby budgies have and his tail feathers are still very short. But he is holding his own. He visits with the pigeons and again with the Rainbow Lorikeets – but they tend to keep him on the outer.

I’m not sure if he is a truly wild budgie or if he has escaped from being somewhat hand raised… He is such a darling. He lets me walk right up to him. I can put my hand out and place it next to him but he isn’t quite ready to let me touch him. I have nick-named him “Budge” – very original don’t you think  🙂   we have a nice conversation every evening when I get home from work before he flies away to wherever he spends the night.

As I can get so close to him I am hoping to get a better picture of Budge over the weekend.

Budge - just one of my wild visitors

Budge – just one of my wild visitors