I haven’t posted in a while….

Well I have been very busy…. sorry…… Life just gets in the way sometimes. I just thought I would post some of the things I have been working on lately. They are all part of a journal swap I am part of. Sad to say but I haven’t had time for anything else.

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2F1A2862 - Copy


Each journal has its own theme so these are all done to fit in with each one.

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Whimsical Face – a work in progress

This is a face created using a stencil by Jane Davenport. Awesome stencils for when you just need a starting point… It isn’t finished as I need to add hair and journaling. Not sure I have finished shading the face either – Hence it still being a work in progress (WIP)

I have actually gessoed over a failed piece of art in my journal. The background art was created using Peerless paints – which are watercolor based but have leached through the gesso which I think has created a nice effect.

Butterfly Free

The Monarch of the Sea

The Monarch of the Sea

…and here is the finished piece.


Her “followers” were copied, reduced then collaged onto the page from this larger piece that I painted just to add to this layout….

Monarch Fish

I had posted a version of this fish earlier – but the tail wasn’t working for me so I changed it. You can see the original version in this post.

Lessons Learnt and Other Information:

In the first “cut” of this piece I printed various sizes of the Monarch Fish onto tissue paper and collaged them onto the page using Liquitex Matte Medium. However, since I had used Distress Stains for the background I found that even though the edges of the tissue paper were torn and soft** the colour drew to the edges and made a “hard” edge around the tissue paper and fishes. Not a very desirable result. So I decided to gesso over the entire background and start again.

I decided to repaint the background with a mix of Liquitex Fluid Acrylic and Distress Paints as they were the supplies I had with the colours I needed. I placed a small amount of each colour onto my palette and used a stippling brush with a little of each colour to repaint the background. As the paints used are both acrylic based I knew they wouldn’t react and pool in the same manner as the stains did. BUT just to be sure I printed the Monarch Fish in varying sizes onto copy paper using my laser printer.

I then fussy cut out each fish. They were then adhered to the page using Liquitex Matte Medium.

The last thing added was the lettering. As there were so many different mediums on the page I used an alcohol based marker – in this instance it was a Prismacolor Premier marker.

** to easily “cut out” images on tissue paper use a thin paintbrush dipped in water to create an outline. Leave for a few seconds then gently “tear” along the waterline. This creates a SOFT edge that is easily blended into a collaged piece.

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Getting Started with Watercolour

One of my favorite mixed media artists is running a new course on how to use watercolors. Check this out:

Getting Started with Watercolor with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

I am off to sign-up.

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Playing with Watercolours

The latest homework assignment from “Supplies Me” workshop with Jane Davenport.

This is my first real attempt at colouring a face… I am so VERY pleased with it. I have always been more happy using graphite or lead pencils for the shading of everything I draw. But I can’t believe how my first really serious attempt at using colour turned out. I am so very pleased with it.

I can’t take all the credit as I feel my success is due to the wonderful teaching tallents of Jane Davenport. Her online classes are AMAZING! You have to experience them for yourself to know what I am talking about.

I have learnt one valuable lesson – to gain a true perspective on what you are drawing – take a photo of it and then view it on the computer screen. It wasn’t until I was ready to upload my drawing, took a photo and saw it on my screen that I realised that the eyes are out of perspective. So I need to learn how to draw eyes when the face is slightly tilted. …

I used:

Prismacolor for the face

A combination of Prisma pencils and Prisma art sticks for the hair.

For the background I used a combinatin of Windsor Newton watercolours and Caran D’Ache Neocolor II Watertsoluable pastels to create the colour, Distress Inks for the stamping (Stamps from Kaiser and another unknown brand) and some acrylic paints and sponging for the background cloud effect. I used Prismas to hand colour the birds. All created on cold pressed watercolour paper (not sure of the brand as I lost the cover page ages ago).

I just kept adding colour and elements until I was happy with it. I must have shown my husband the “finished” product a dozen times  LOL

Day Dreaming 2